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Become a member of our supportive community designed with engineering professionals in mind. We offer two convenient engineering solutions sure to help you on your journey, whether you have a question you'd like to ask publicly or privately.

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We offer two convenient engineering solutions that are sure to help you on your journey. While on this journey, we allow a place for you to ask questions publicly and/or privately.

Ask engineering-related questions to get a swift response from one or more experienced individuals.

Receive some of the most in-depth answers from professionals in the industry.

Get troubleshooting support when you need it most, whether you're stumped on something you're working on or are struggling with engineering-related tasks.

Private Projects

Our private platform enables individuals to connect, hire and get advice from skilled engineers privately, without public access to their questions and feedback. Any user can request service on the private platform, but only Engossers can respond, with the potential to get hired by the requester for a short-term project.

Access to connect, collaborate, and hire expert Engineers or Technical professionals privately on a one-on-one basis for complex issues and projects.

Find multiple job opportunities posted by users who need engineering assistance.

Use your talent and experience to complete assignments efficiently, satisfying customers while earning cash.

Build your reputation on the platform as you continue to work with clients and gain even more experience handling different engineering jobs.

Available Jobs

Find specific targeted jobs that are right for you. Our database will help you avoid having to spend hours searching for the right job.

Our Engoss board will be sure to match you with new opportunities tailored to your skill and level.

Engoss allows you to post Engineering jobs for free and connects you to one of the largest Engineering hubs that is sure to attract top-notch engineering talent


Engossium provides community based learning resources where Engineering students, or Engineering professions can continuously learn, re-learn forgotten information or acquire new knowledge. Showcase your extensive knowledge and experience within the community by participating in community discussions.

Empowers you with the knowledge required to stay relevant in your field

Helps you explore new perspectives and ideas to approaching your industry

Helps you adapt to unexpected changes

Give you a feeling of accomplishment which, in turn, boosts your confidence in your field

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As an Engosser, you'll have the opportunity to be your own boss, taking on engineering projects in your spare time with the option of working as much or as little as you'd like. Share your expertise and get paid for your vast knowledge and experience in the engineering industry. Earn money when you provide solutions to individuals and organizations needing help with real-world applications and projects. Enjoy the flexibility of doing what you know best and enjoy most on your own time!

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